Oh it’s good to be back!

Hello all!

So over the past few days I’ve achieved very little except from moving all my things back to Sheffield. It’s now time for me to start revising for exams though which is rather depressing.

My New Years Eve was absolutely amazing, possibly the best ever.  I got to spend some quality time with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and had my first ever experience playing a gig in London!  I’m not going to do a full year round up as it’s a little late now but 2012 was pretty darned magical for me, I managed to collect even more vintage things and I had time to enjoy them too.  I think the best bit has to go to Goodwood Revival – the best weekend EVER.

Goodwood revival, vintage, ferrari

Me, my man and a rather sexy car at Goodwood, September 2012

So now back to 2013!  The best thing about coming back to Sheffield was getting back to all my amazing things that I had to leave behind over Christmas.

vintage wardrobe, petticoats, shoes, dresses

My wardrobe, crammed full of petticoats and pretty things.

vintage books, bookshelf

My bookshelf, now complete with both Vintage Tea Party books.

It felt rather amazing to get up this morning and have a huuuuuge choice of things to wear rather than just a tiny suitcase of a few of my favourite items.  Being back at home also means that I am reunited with all my hair/beauty products.  When I left Sheffield for Christmas I only took a bottle of hairspray with me which didn’t leave me with very much choice of how to do my hair so it was nice to get up this morning and do something different!

I decided to have a bit of an experiment using ‘Hot Sticks’ to do a typical 1940s set.  I’ve tried using them before but it has never turned out how I would have liked because of how bad a condition my hair was in.  Now that I am post-hairchop I felt it was about time I had another go, and this was the result…

vintage, 40s wave, vintage hair, pencil skirt, bolero

I often feel that if I lose my victory rolls then I’ll lose my vintage look, but I think I managed to prove myself wrong today!  This was proved when a man stopped me while I was shopping to tell me how lovely it was to see someone so dedicated to a vintage style *blushes*.  So there you are – I can go out without my VR’s!!

The very front of my hair where my ‘fringe’ is didn’t turn out as I would have liked but I solved that issue by tucking it up into a very small pin-curl-esque victory roll.

victory rolls, 40s wave, vintage hair

The one problem I did have with my ‘doo’ was that the 40s wave that it had didn’t last long.  At all.  I do have very fly away hair and so even though I used hairspray when I was putting the sticks in, and used it to secure my hair after brushing out it didn’t really last much longer than 2 hours.  You can see in the picture above that it’s lost some of its shape – I took that picture after my shopping trip so you could see how it had faired.

I think doing a wet set with pin curls is still probably the best option for me as it always seems to last longer than heat styling.  If anyone has any tips out there I’d love to read them – I’ve tried many different techniques but I’m always happy to hear more.

vintage hair, vintage outfit, 40s wave, vintage fashion

I’ve been having yet more problems with my camera but had to include this photo as it made me giggle quite a lot.

The outfit I wore was my high waisted Topshop skirt that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a plain white vest top and a little bolero that I bought with a matching dress from a vintage shop.  The lapels on it are stunning and have a very typically 1950s point to them.

vintage jacket, vintage clothes, 40s wave, vintage hair

I used my vintage black jacket to wrap up warm before leaving the house so I didn’t catch a cold.

vintage handbag, black patent handbag, vintage bag

And, as per usual, I took with me my trusty black patent handbag.

I hope you all had lovely New Years celebrations and I shall be back very soon with more outfits and vintage fun times (that is, if I manage to get out of the house and away from my looming revision).

That’s all for now folks!

Miss B xoxo