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Hi all,

Bumper bangs (also known as faux bangs) are a hairstyle that I’ve battled with for quite some time.  I sometimes try it and upon succeeding, take it out because it goes slightly wonky and I look like I’ve got a growth on my head! Anyway, after a lot of hard work, I’ve come up with a solution to my problem.  So, here we go!

You will need:

bumper bang tutorial, bettie bangs tutorial, vintage hair

A hair donut (a.k.a ‘rat’) that’s been chopped so it becomes a ‘sausage’

vintage hair tutorial

Bobby pins


vintage blog, vintage hair, vintage clothes

Assorted hairbrushes of your choosing. Ideally you’ll need one that’s suitable for backcombing and another for separating sections of hair.


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

A can of trusty hairspray.


hair pomade, vintage blog, vintage clothing, vintage hair tutorial

And a pomade of your choosing.


The first thing I did was make a slight adjustment to my hair ‘rat’.  The problem that I’ve had over and over again is that when pinning the rat into the front of my hair it can become loose at one end, therefore meaning I have to re roll it (this can happen multiple times before it goes successfully).  Because the rat is naturally a tube shape (or if it’s a donut that you’ve cut in half then it will likely lose its ‘u’ shape rather rapidly) its natural reaction is to return to its normal tube shape, rather than the ‘u’ that is desired.  My solution is rather Blue Peter-esque but I’ve found it successful nonetheless.

vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

For this next bit you’ll need some medium strength jewellery wire…(you can find it in any haberdashery/craft store)


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Measure out a piece of wire against your hair rat (if it’s too long it’ll poke out of the ends and may be painful!)


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Then simply cut the wire to size and double check that it’s the right length.

vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Then thread the wire into the rat and bend it into the desired shape. If you’ve used a thinner wire you may want to do the last few steps multiple times, placing the wires throughout the rat so that there’s more chance of it holding the shape that you want.


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Take a large section from the front of your hair, making sure that it’s neat and even.


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

I usually separate out a box section as it’s easier to work with, particularly if you want to put victory rolls in the sides of your hair too.


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Then backcomb this section of hair, and hairspray. You can use pomade at this point if you wish to help you smooth the outer hair, and give you control when rolling.



vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Wrap the hair around the centre of the rat and roll to the scalp. At this point, the hair doesn’t need to cover the rat, don’t worry!


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Taking each end of the rat, bend them back towards the back of the head creating your ‘u’ shape. Then pin these in place.

vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

At this point your hair should look like this. Rat pinned in with the hair only covering the centre section of it. Now, you can gently tease the hair around the rat so it’s completely covered.


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

Et voila!


vintage hair tutorial, vintage blog

You can then neaten it by combing over the front of the rat, and finish with a vintage or chiffon hair scarf!


That’s all for now folks!

Miss B xoxo

6 thoughts on “Bumper Bang Tutorial

  1. I never thought of using something to make the rat keep it’s U shape but I will try to get hold of some wire for mine now as well – great idea! That would solve tons of problems, I think.

    • Hi Em,

      I don’t have a page for my blog (at the moment) but you can find a lot of updates for my blog through the Madam’s Vintage Facebook (that’s my specs shop)


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